Thing to remember before bought a tent

This choice is important because it depends on the tent’s main purpose
They can be classified into two groups: single layer and double layer. And the name is logical. The first is single layer and the second is double layer or roof. The exterior is waterproof, but the interior is made of mesh, making it highly waterproof and breathable.
3.Number of users
This is not a secret. As with any application, you should logically consider this prior to settling on a storage solution. For you, it’s not the same or if you are traveling as a couple.

4.Size: External dimensions and room size.
Or the same external or internal measures. It is also closely related to the number of users, model or design. The living room (interior) is especially interesting because it is a place where you, your backpack, etc. they can fit.
5.Dimensions folded or packed (packaging)
This can also be very important. Especially if it is a store that needs to be shipped with you or by bike. This is not true for all products sold online, but the specs will eventually tell you.
One of the most important specifications. Most of the time, you’ll have to bring itĀ for a ride.